Cookies on our website

Cookies, in all kinds of flavors and varieties

At Buroform, we love cookies. The reason? Not only because they are tasty, but also because we attach great importance to a nice user experience on our websites. That’s why we use cookies on our websites that allow you to scroll smoothly through all our services and projects. By using cookies, we can identify you as a visitor and thus offer a more targeted solution.

So far I’m with you, but what exactly are these cookies?

Well, cookies are small pieces of information in the form of text files that are placed on your hard drive (or on your phone) when you visit a website. By using cookies, websites (or integrations) may collect information about your personal preferences, your website visit or the type of device you are browsing with. Do you prefer to view our website in English or would you like to use our convenient contact form or other peronalized services? Again, cookies pop up for the purpose of improving the functionality and user experience of the website.

So what types of cookies are all?

There are different types of cookies, each with its own function:

  • Essential or necessary cookiesEssentialcookies are cookies that are necessary for a website to function (better or perform better). Consider, for example, cookies that manage web page load times.
  • Functional cookiesFunctional cookiescollect information about the choices you make as a visitor. They remember your preferences and provide the ability to personalize language and other local settings.
  • Analytical or performance cookiesAnalyticalor performance cookies collect information about visitor behavior in order to measure website performance and improve user experience. Because to measure is to know!
  • Targeting or advertising cookiesTargetingor advertising cookies track (the browsing behavior of) visitors to compile customer or user profiles. Those profiles are typically used to show relevant and personalized ads that match the interests of associated users. They are also used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to conduct market analysis.

What cookies are used at Buroform?

We use different types of cookies on Buroform’s website. This link will give you an overview of all the cookies we use on Buroform’s website.

Buroform values your privacy. All information around privacy can be found in our privacy statement.

I’m not a fan of cookies, now what?

Do you want to be able to surf around our website quickly and optimally? If so, we recommend you keep cookies enabled! Still not a fan of those damn cookies? No problem, you are old and wise enough to do as you please. You can disable cookies on our website yourself.