Patrick Nagel

Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery

An art book about Patrick Nagel

To add color to gallery owner Samuel Vanhoegaerden ‘s upcoming exhibition, he once again had a gem of an art book printed with us. To make this happen, gallery owner Samuel, book designer Tina De Souter and our colleague Sven Goewie joined forces.

Papieren brochure MAGDANOG?!

The exhibition brings together a collection close to Samuel’s heart. In fact, he bought his first “Patrick Nagel” years ago at an auction in Denmark. Nagel did not then enjoy the fame he has today, but Samuel was a fan of Duran Duran – for whom Patrick Nagel designed a record sleeve – and so it happened….

“A year after purchasing my first ‘Nagel,’ I received a phone call from the auction house with an offer. A customer from America wanted to pay double for it!”

– Samuel Vanhoegaerden

Art Book

Printing technique
Cover: LE-UV offset + Hotfoil 756 + MF8000
Interior: Recto/Verso LE-UV offset
Endpapers: Recto Hotfoil 756 + 6741


Cover: Corvon pure mano 142 gms
Endpapers: Rainbow® Pink 160 gms
Interior: Arctic Volume White 150 gms