‘A non-installed font’ card

Inspiration Card

‘A non-installed font’ card

Inspiration. As a designer, you never get tired of it. That’s why we developed this heartwarming card as a gift to our graphic partners. She beautifully demonstrates how the right combination of printing technique and choice of paper gives extra charge to your message.

Hotfoil on Colorplan paper

Inspiration Card

Printing technique

Foil Printing

Colorplan Racing Green 540g

Playing with fonts. For just about every graphic designer, it is a favorite activity in Adobe InDesign. Only occasionally do you encounter the annoying pink bar indicating that the program cannot find a font. That fact formed the premise of the “Missing you like a non-installed font” card. In doing so, the salmon pink not only refers to the typical bar, the color immediately gives the card the loving look that matches the actual message. Using hotfoil also gives the printed material a luxurious look and feel. And the deep green Colorplan paper adds a touch of exclusivity. The attention is immediately drawn to the map, and that is the main purpose!

Hotfoil gives printing a luxurious look and feel.

The attention is immediately drawn to the map, and that is the main purpose!

Also totally into foil printing?

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